Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here we are!!!

Well hopefully everyone made it to our new website, but I guess if you are reading this then that means that you found it - duh mommy!!!
Are these not the most handsome boys you have ever seen in your whole life?? Of course mommy is a little bias but you have to admit they are pretty darn cute - they weren't real sure what to think of their outfits...

The boys are both moving like crazy now and have both made it over to the sliding glass door - they really like looking outside and apparently Rylee was ready to go outside yesterday - i tried to tell him it was too cold out but he just kept looking and baning on the door....

We did make it out for a little bit yesterday to go to bible study - brrrrr it was chilly out - mommy is ready to pack up our bags and move to Hawaii!!! Here is a shot of Baylee with Kate - she is quite fond of the boys - they are coming over tonight while the big boys play in a Wii tournament at church.

Here are some other random pictures for the last couple days -

Here is a picture of Baylee with the teddy bear that the adoption agency sent us - it may at first glance appear to be a sweet picture of a boy playing with his bear - what you can't see - but can probably tell if you really think about it - is that he has just discovered the tag on the bear's butt!! It is all about the tags!!!

Rylee discovered his shadow yesterday when the sun was coming it - it was quite funny to watch him react to it.

He still wasn't sure about his shadow - or the bear - when I tried to see if he would play with his bear.

And finally here is just a cute shot of Baylee - since Rylee got the cute shot of the day yesterday - didn't want it to appear i had favorites!!

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grandpa , grandma b said...

Boys, Mom is slacking again.. I have looked all day and nothing new...You still look so handsome in your new outfits, can hardly wait to see you all on thursday.. love and kisses