Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Growing up too fast!!!!!

Oh my goodness - last night my mother in law called to ask what size clothes to get the boys and it was with a little sadness in my voice that I had to tell her 9 to 12 months!! They came home and were still able to wear 3 month clothes and then starting this week some of their 6 month clothes have looked more like they are wearing capris!! I am really glad they are gaining weight and getting bigger but earlier today when i looked over at Baylee playing on the floor he looked so big and not so much like a baby!!!!

It seems like they are able to do more and more each day and they are already growing up so fast. I can't get over how much they have changed in the 5 weeks we have had them!! Baylee was trying to sit up again today but can't quite get it but I am sure it won't be too long. They are being evaluated tomorrow by first steps but I don't think they will probably have to have any services because i think they are doing really well and are developing well.

Here is a picture to prove just how much Rylee loves his Jumperoo - he will even play underneath it if we don't have him in it!!

We had some fun time with grandma and grandpa last night - here are a few shots from last night....

Another reason I say it is with sadness that my boys are growing up so fast is that I think mommy and daddy are in big trouble when these boys really get moving - i left the room for about five minutes and they were both playing with things before I left - I come back to the room and somehow they turned on the tv and also got a bag down that was on the tv cabinet - i think it is time to get a new tv cabinet - with doors!!

Here is a cute video of Baylee - he heard Rylee playing with something and so he headed over there - it was like midway through the crawl he paused for a moment because he knew he should not steal whatever his brother was playing with - and I must say I was quite proud because by the time he got over there something else caught his eye and he left his brother alone.

Here is a picture with a gift that some of the gals from work got me - it is a picture book but it is "chewable" and the boys found it yesterday and were rather fond of it. We have two of them and this one that Baylee is playing with has the pictures of the boys that we had received of them before we were able to travel. Great gift choice Kari!!

Well Rylee is up from his nap so i better post and go get him.....

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grandpa , grandma b said...

Their outfits are so cute.... I just love them,they look adorable...Did they run any laps in the outfits??? It does make them look older..It doesn't seem like it has only been 25days that they have been home. Time sure flys when your having fun..Hugs and kisses to all..