Thursday, December 23, 2010

Post vacation catch up....

The bad thing about going on vacation in December is the month FLIES by even faster!! So I know I am way behind on pictures so here you go....

Of course the other thing in December is our birthday - thanks to a co-worker of mine, birthday presents started last week!! 

We ventured out to Christmas at the Zoo - we had to bundle up though because it was COLD!!!

Writting letters to Santa

Wonder what they were asking for - my guess is trains!!!

Excited to see "Mr Ray" - make special note that Baylee is the one next to the glass - earlier in the summer he was TERRIFIED to be close to the glass!! 

We bought a train for the Christmas tree - the boys loved it!!

We went to Ohio over the weekend to meet with my mom's family and have lunch.  the boys got some sprinkles for dessert - you should have seen the mess on the floor - I am guessing we are banned from ever going back there!! 

All the great grandkids were there so we had to do a photo op!!! 

Afterward we went to Bass Pro Shop and the boys loved seeing the animals - here they were petting a reindeer! 

As soon as we got home, before jackets came off, they went to see the train!!!

Today (Thursday) was their THIRD birthday - we started the day with a present!! 

Yep - it was Thomas stuff!!!  This thing may have said ages 3+ but I think it was missing a number and should have said ages 30+ - it was a pain to put together!!!  I have to say my heart sank a little when Rylee tore it down tonight (it is megablocks) - I am thinking about supergluing it in position. 

We went to the State museum for some fun today - we were also going to go to the Children's museum but we didn't make it....they were fine though because there were trains!!!

Waiting to see Santa

Riding Santa's train!!!

Riding a boat!!!

We ran into our "cousin" Abby while we were there - they all insisted on holding hands - it was too stinking cute!!!

Came home and opened another present

Then had cupcakes!!!!

Then before bedtime we had one more present - Mickey had brought it to them from Disney!!  DUFFY bear!! 

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