Monday, December 6, 2010

Disney days 1 & 2

Headed to the airport - we had an 8am flight so we all still look pretty sleepy in this picture!!!!

The plane ride went great - Baylee slept for about the first hour and both of them were content and happy the whole time.  We didn't even have to pull out the DVD player - though we had it with us just in case...

I never get tired of seeing this sign!!!!!

Our hotel had a train around the gingerbread house so they were excited about that!!!

They also liked watching the merry go round!!  They didn't like the lions on it though, only the pretty horses!!

They also liked looking at the lake outside - there were fish and ducks!!

Interaction with the characters was MUCH different this year - they actually ran up and hugged them all and were really excited!!!

WORN OUT!!!!!  This was on the bus ride!

Christmas tree at EPCOT

The boys "advanced" from pack and plays to the big boy pull out bed!!!!

Christmas tree at Hollywood studios

Waiting for Toy Story ride we got our pic taken with Mr. Tato Head (as the boys call him)

Waiting patiently for the ride!!!  Sporting the 3-D glasses!!

Waving to the characters during the parade!

On the boat ride back to the hotel - Rylee called the boat a BIG SHIP!

The Castle all decorated for Christmas!!!!

We went to have dinner with Pooh & Friends again this year...
Piglet was safe this year since the boys liked the characters this year!!! 

Daddy & Rylee with their santa mickey ears!!

Baylee didn't want to wear his hat!!

Christmas parade

Baylee finally put on his hat - we of course had to buy Mickey balloons...

The family in front of the Magic Kingdom

Cutting through another hotel we found another train!!!!

ok that is a nice wrap up of day 1 & 2 - now time for more exploring. 

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