Friday, December 10, 2010

Disney days 5 & 6

You can't see it very well but the light streak toward the top is the space shuttle that launched. 

We had to switch hotels mid-trip so of course we had to take our family shot!!!!

The boys will really make trains out of anything!!!

 Baylee was showing Pere Noel his stickers (Rylee was asleep in the stroller!!)

Baylee banging on the drums (again Rylee was asleep)

 While they wanted to play with all of the stuff everywhere - they were always good about putting it away when we told them to!! 

 Duffy Bear!!

Nemo & Friends

This was a decoration at the Contemporary - I told the boys look there is Mickey and they say no that is Toodles!  (This is from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

They were having fun waiting for the boat!!!

The family riding on Mickey Mouse train!!!!

Hanging out at Mickey's house!!

The boys rode their first roller coaster!!!!  They both liked it!!!

Riding the horses!!

Trying to get to sword out of the stone!!


Rylee wanted to open to door!!!

Baylee wanted to wear mommy's hat!!

Just a bus ride later they were zonked out!!

And totally missed dinner!!  Though everyone at the resturant thought they were too cute!! 

Here is a shock for everyone - I actually ordered a steak for dinner & ate it!!!

Time to enjoy our last day at the parks - we head home on Saturday :-(

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