Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer vacation - part one....

The boys were "helping us" get the car ready on Saturday...

What are you drinking????

Yummy it is good!!!

Driver swap!!!

Baylee in the drivers seat...

Arriving at the hotel in Pittsburgh they found the "train"

When we were out to eat the boys thought the onions in the salad would make good bracelets..

They liked the "train" so much that we had to take our picture with it!!!!

Then we got a window picture too...

We found a real train caboose on the riverwalk...

Then we took a train ride up the incline to overlook the city....

Waiting for the train to come get us to take us down, i know some of you reading this are shocked that I was up this high!!!!

The boys really liked it!!!

Poor Baylee fell asleep eating snack!

The DVD players were a GREAT purchase!!!!

As soon as we got to the hotel in DC - guess what the boys did???? You guessed it they set up their TRAINS!!!!

Waiting on dinner they played with our phones!!!  They could probably teach me some of the advanced features!!!

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