Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weekly update

Here is what we have been up to this week....

We got a helium tank for the boys since they love balloons so we were able to reinflate their disney balloons, unfortunately mommy overinflated one of them and it busted it!! I knew they would probably be fighting over the ballons but the funny thing is they fight over the "empty" one!!

We went to daddy's softball game on Monday night and of course they were running the place by the end of the evening!!  They had a lot of fun, and everyone had fun watching them!! 

 We went to the mall on Wednesday night and they wanted to ride the "choo choo" - maybe this means the next time we go to the museum it will go better on the merry go round!!

The mall has a new fog adverstising thing and the boys loved to run under it...

YUMMY - Ice cream!!!

The boys LOVE their trains and are getting pretty good at building their tracks - they did this one all by themselves!!! 

The boys were trying to help daddy repair one of the trains, turns out daddy is not a train mechanic - it is still broken :-(

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