Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend update

We had a pretty calm weekend but here are some pictures....

Afraid that the other one may steal the next donut they both just shoved them in their mouth - good thing they are bite sized!!! 

They are still doing great at swimming lessons - it is impossible to take pictures during the lessons since we both have to be in the water with them but they have fun afterward too!! 

Hurry up daddy!!!!

Enjoying the weather - it is going to be a FUN spring / summer!!!!

I have a feeling we will ALL be getting plenty of exercise!!!!!

The boys enjoyed grocery shopping time!!  (This was AFTER daddy sanitized the cart for all of you wondering!!!)

Baylee loves to pose for the camera!!!

Rylee, not so much, when I point the camera at him he gets up from whatever he is doing....this was him getting up and telling me "no" to taking his picture.

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Sharon said...

Oh, Suzi! I just can't get over how it is SPRING there!!!! I so miss your weather!!!! We still have FEET of snow...ugh.