Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend fun!

Thanks to the Indiana weather we didn't get any outside playtime this weekend but we still had a really good weekend!!!!

Enjoying some coloring time....

Is it our turn to swim yet?????

Baylee and daddy in the pool...

Rylee waiting for his brother..

I guess Baylee got tired of waiting for the ladder - he just climbed on out by himself!!!!

Then we headed to the mall for a Handy Manny event - GO MANNY!!!!

Coloring time at the Manny event...

Playing with our flags at lunch

We bought these to put toys in but the boys found them to be fun toys themselves!!!

They used their manny stickers to decorate...

Even though they wanted NOTHING to do with the Easter Bunny the lady still gave them ears..


Hà Anh,Hồ Lan said...

Your blogspot is next to mine, so we are in a way neighbors.

It is so cool anyway, those lovely children of yours! I almost feel like having their weekend fun as well.


Jenn said...

Aw it looks like everyone had a fantastic time - great photos!