Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March has arrived!!!!!!

So ready for nicer weather and fun time outside!!!   Baylee decided midway through the day to take off his shirt so that is why half of the pictures have him with no shirt on.  He took it off all by himself!! 

Two weeks and counting - the balloons are still going strong!!!

Stickers are a new favorite activity - we bought pooh bear sticker books this weekend for them

This is how we eat sometimes...

Other times, we eat like this...

There is too much technology available to kids nowadays - two weeks ago Rylee was trying to text now they are trying to play the Wii!!! 

Them being quiet for too long is generally not a good thing....who knows what they were trying to get into

Showing off their new toys they got at the surgery center last week....

Do you think they will enjoying cleaning this much when they get older????

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