Monday, August 3, 2009

Trip to North Carolina

We took a weekend trip to North Carolina this weekend for a wedding and the boys were real troopers and did great. Here are some shots from the weekend!!!!
The boys had fun in the hallways and in the room - you wouldn't have known they weren't at home how they were running the place like they owned it :-)
The boys both learned how to do zippers this weekend!!!
Here are a few of our self portraits from the trip!!!
The boys really like talking on the phone lately so of course that was one of the first things they found at the room and while we were waiting at rehearsal on Saturday.
Another favorite thing lately has been balloons and they were thrilled that they had balloons as part of the decorations. They convinced the balloon man make doggies for them while he was making the other decorations. They were also really excited that there were leftovers of the arch they made for the church - they thought it was just their size...
After we got home tonight I decided it was probably time to set up their kitchen set I bought them because lately they have LOVED playing with my kitchen things!!!

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