Sunday, August 16, 2009

Off to the races..

There was some serious racing going on at our house on Saturday night - I know it appears from the pictures that they never really moved but they were going back and forth for a while!!

Here is an "action shot" for the race"

HMMMM seems like there might be something wrong with your car buddy - let me come look

Yep - looks like it needs a tune up....

Or maybe just a new driver

More racing, just switched racing machines....

Rylee finally lost interest in the race, and what was on TV - time to change the channel.

It is a little early to tell but it looks like we might have a lefty (Baylee) and a righty (Rylee) on our hands based on what they do with their utensils and when they color or draw. I know that you are considered ambidextrous if you can use either hand but I am not sure what this is called...

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