Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer fun

The boys are loving summer time!!!! Here are some shots from Sunday & Monday.

Sunday we went to grandma & grandpa's. Here we are waiting to go for a ride - Rylee got this straw from grandma and just chewed on it forever.

Unfortunately, the boat was broken when we tried to take a ride but the boys both got to play captain.

We had some snacks at the picnic table...Thanks Rex & Terri for letting mom borrow it

The next few shot CRACK me up - it all started with my mom giving the boys drinks of water from her glass and then Rylee had a bottle of water in his hand. He decided he would put the bottle in the glass and then mom pulled it out and sprinkled it on him - he LOVED it!!! He went on until the glass was totally empty. Baylee watched but wanted nothing to do with getting wet!!

Yesterday the other grandparents came to visit and brought us new hats. Here we are checking them out for the first time - lets see do I like yours better???

So when we went for a walk last night with mommy and daddy we had to wear them - here we are just watching the world go by.

Not sure what I think of you wearing your hat like this son...

Who can resist this face...

The Baylee decided he was more comfortable sideways helping daddy...

We also got our swings put up yesterday and enjoyed riding on those but mommy didn't get a picture of that - hopefully I will get one tonight!!!

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