Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Zoo boo - kind of

We went to the zoo on Saturday morning thinking we were going for zoo boo - but realized the activities didn't start until 2:00 :-(  Oh well - we still had fun!!

The very first time we went to the zoo the boys didn't like the penguins at all because they thought they were going to come out of water at them - now that they know there is glass between them they love to watch them!!

This is mommy's all time favorite animal!! 

Again you can tell which one likes to cheese it up for the camera!  Baylee being a spider!

Being pumpkins (you will notice that Rylee did participate but did not look at the camera)

Doing the obstacle course!! 

My three boys (again one being silly for the camera, one totally avoiding it!!)

At least I got a "kinda" looking at the camera look in this one!! 

Rylee being a zebra - with a smile! 

Pause for a snack break!! 

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