Thursday, October 13, 2011

October already?!?!?

Sadly we spent the first week of October with croup - no fun!!!!

Doesn't he look so pitiful???

You can tell they are starting to feel better - acting silly!!!
Can you tell which child LOVES to have his picture taken and which one does not?!?!?!

Watering 'their' flowers

Visiting their favorite doggy cooper!! He is mommy's favorite doggy too because he happens to live at a winery :-)

On Sunday, grandma & papaw renewed their wedding vows in celebrating of their 35th anniversary - such handsome boys!!

Grandma & papaw cutting the cake - if you look real close by papaws arm your will see they had some help :-)

The boys LOVED the cake!!

Baylee wanted to make sure he got every last bite!!!

They really like cupcake holders right now!

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Sharon said...

Suzi-They are just super cute!