Saturday, April 3, 2010

Update before Easter

I am sure I will have more pictures to add tomorrow with Easter but I thought I would get a jump on things and update today from this past week.

Chilling on the couch eating snacks....seriously I think these have to be the two cutest kids on the planet!!!

They wanted to see if Elmo wanted a snack too...

Enjoying swingin with Daddy!!!!

Proud of himself on the slide!!!

They were hiding from me when I told them it was time to go inside!!!

Rylee wanted to try his hand at daddy's crab legs....

He did end up liking them!!!

The "big" playset was old and really need to be replaced so we took it down and bought another one that was more the boys size.  Here they are helping us with that project!!!

Time to decorate our Easter eggs...

Oops, this one hit the ground and didn't survive the fall - good thing I had another one!!!

So many choices!!!

Admiring their work...

All done - time for a sucker!!

OH - Rylee found the hot fries!!!  They LOVE these things - I can't handle eating them because they are too hot for me but all three of my "boys" love them!!!

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