Thursday, January 21, 2010

life this week...

Can't believe how fast this month is going by - the only good thing about that is we are getting closer to nicer weather!!  Here is some pictures of the fun we have had this week!! 

The boys have learned to love Slurpees as much as daddy!!!

I think we are finally to the end of our high chair days!!  They can now get the trays off themselves and that just causes a big ol mess!!!  Here they are after they threw their trays on the ground!! 

Here they are sitting at the table in the boosters Tracey let us borrow - looking much happier!! 

We had week three of swimming lessons this week - each week gets better with how they like the pool - here we are waiting on daddy in the parking lot!! 

We all had a fun time!!

Rylee wanted to help both of us with our bags!!! 

Just hanging out playing at home!! 

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Sharon said...

Suzi, I love the pics! Oh, how I wish I could meet your boys! I loved how I could hear you "saying" what you posted!