Monday, January 18, 2010

Grandpa's Birthday

Today is Grandpa's birthday so we went out to dinner and had some fun!!! 

Who needs silverware - your hands are so much easier!! 

I want PIE!!!!

Despite using his spoon, Rylee still ended up wearing some of his dinner!!

He did at least clean up after himself!!

Grandpa with his boys...

I couldn't resist posting these pictures from his birthday last year - my how they have grown up!!!

Smiling for the camera!!! 

Peek A Boo!!!

Little Mr. mischief

The boys started realizing that all the girls kept coming out of this room so they thought they would just hang out there!! 

Anything can be used as a bracelet!! 

When we came home we put up our Pooh window cling that Kate got us!!  They had fun being creative!! 

Marveling at their masterpiece!!! 

However, it didn't last long, they ended up moving it several times and it ended up on the wall so we moved it to the bathroom mirror so they can always see it - but not touch it!!!

Just being silly - Baylee wearing potato head's glasses...

Rylee Rocking out!!!! 

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