Saturday, October 24, 2009

Disney day 7

We are back home again in Indiana but here are some shots from our last Disney day!!! 

These balloons were the best $20 we ever spent I think!!  The boys loved them and while we could not take them on the plane inflated I think we will be able to re-inflate them if we get a helium tank - yeah Disney fun at home!!!! 

Taking a bath in the whirlpool was a big highlight too - they don't realize that we have one of these  here at home too because we have never put them in it before - guess we will start using it!! 

The infamous Tolliver good-bye hotel shot!!! 

Walking into the Magic Kingdom, for the last time this trip!!!

The boys decided they would be the pre-show entertainment for the Hall of Presidents!! 

BYE BYE Disney - see you next year!!!

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