Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two updates in one weekend!!!

We ran some errands yesterday and had a fun day overall!! We went to Costco, Trader Joe's, and Cracker Barrel to eat. They had fun all day but I couldn't resist getting my camera out at Cracker Barrel. They are really good with drinking out of straws but haven't quite figured out that if you drink out of the straw you don't have to tip the glass up so generally it is best to still use the sippy cup and keep trying with the straws!!

Unfortunately for my wallet Cracker Barrel was having a "sidewalk sale" yesterday. When we got there they only had one child's chair so obviously we were not going to buy just one. When we were walking out the lady was so excited to tell us that one of the employee's changed their mind and now they had two - we just couldn't resist and let me tell you the boys LOVE them!!!

Here they are outside exploring with daddy...

At one point today it was really quite and I got a little nervous because I figured they were up to no good but when I went looking for them they were just sitting in their chairs!

Then they decided they would get in the big rocking chair together..I took 6 pictures of them trying to get one of them both smiling - never really accomplished that goal, it is next to impossible.

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