Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chicago, and a few other random pictures

I know I am very behind in my blogging but hopefully the fact that this posting is very PICTURE HEAVY will make up for it!! We went to Chicago on Thursday night and came home Saturday for a quick little trip - here are some of the pictures from our fun!!!

Here the boys are right after we got there while we were waiting on the bellman to bring our cart and get us settled in our room.

We were not even in the room for five minutes before they found and were playing with the phone!!

They love looking out the window at the city below...

When the cribs came they discovered they were on wheels and so they could push them around where ever they wanted to - they had quite a bit of fun with that!!

After a good nights sleep we went out of the town Friday morning. Here we are getting ready to cross the river and head down the Magnificent Mile!!

By the time we made it to WaterTower the boys were zonked out!!!

They woke up just in time for pizza at Ginos - YUMMMMMMMMMMY!!!!

The food is GREAT but it does take about an hour to cook so we had to try to keep the boys entertained for an hour - they did really good...

Of course they loved having the phone....

Then the food finally came - MMMMMMMMMMM

Then we went back to the room for a little while to rest but then the boys were ready to go out and explore some more!!

We went to Navy Pier on Friday night and enjoyed a walk on the pier and looking out at the water.

Isn't the moon pretty reflecting off the water...

We packed up on Saturday morning and took our classic "good-bye" self portrait... I was having some issues getting my camera on the right setting for the light behind us and the boys were just about OVER it so we settled for a picture a little overexposed so they did not go into meltdown :)

Then we went and got some breakfast - we had to wait for that too...not sure how much they appreciated the boys picking and giving us flowers but it was sweet.

After breakfast we headed off to the outlet mall - needless to say the boys are not really shy to roam around and explore anywhere....
Here are some cute shots from the week...the boys are used to getting a snack when we get home from the babysitter while we wait for daddy to come home. They head right over to the pantry and when I open the door they usually grab what they want - even if the container is almost as big as they are!!!

Here they are having a blast with grandpa as they play with the jack in the box!! They love this thing but can't quite do it on their own yet!!!

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