Saturday, February 9, 2013

A little behind!!

I went to download some pictures from today and realized I was really behind from pictures I had taken from my phone so we are going back to December with some of these!! 
Helping mommy make chocolate covered pretzels - they were a little stingy with the chocolate!! 


They both got turns to blow out the candles! 

Getting everything ready for Santa and the reindeer! 

So big we can ride the train at the mall all by ourselves!! 

Silly boy! 

They like to help mommy in the kitchen! 

He rarely smiles for the camera so I have to take advantage when he does! 

They must have been really hungry - they were watching the microwave countdown!! 

These boys really do have a pretty rough life - can't you tell!! 

Trying out our new big boy seats for the car!! 

We love ice cream - especially from Mr Kyle's!!

Lazy Saturday!!

Working on our valentine cards for school! 

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