Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Disney update

The boys getting geared up to go on their pirate cruise! They got to go all by themselves for 2 hours!!

The LOVE parades - they wave at EVERYTHING!!

Try as we might - none of us could remove the sword! 

Somehow Rylee scored 506,400 points on the Buzz ride - I only scored 99,000...

Showing off his moves at the Halloween dance party!! 

Getting some love from Bullseye!

Seeing how tall they were at Belle's house!

Baylee wanted his picutre taken in front of all the statues and the castle!  Rylee was not interested!

Daddy teaching the boys to play pool

Rylee wanted to take stitch with him on the ride and he even buckled him in!!

Posing with snowy pluto

The Avenger Monorail

Dinner at Chef Mickeys!! 

Now we are off to have more fun!! 

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