Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas at the Zoo and a little Disney too!!!

Here is what we have been up to the last week or so...

Checking the map to see where to go next...

Of course we had to ride the train!!

And then watch and wait for the other train to leave..

Friday we headed for DISNEYWORLD!!
On the bus from the parking lot to the airport!!

Mickey towel greeted us in the room when we arrived!

The tree in our hotel

The boys (yes all three of them) watching cartoons in the lobby

The view from our room - there is a zebra in the picture if you look close.

Woody and Spiderman enjoying the view

Headed to the parks!!

Somehow I think Rylee is cheating!

Backlot tour at Hollywood Studios (it was like a train so of course we had to ride it!)

Time for a nap!

On the the Magic Kingdom at night - how pretty is that castle!!

Baylee taking after his brother!! 

They were happy to see the characters this year - as opposed to the first year when they threw chicken at piglet when he came around!!

Playing with daddy's clams (after they were cleaned out) while we waited on more friends to come see us.

The Friendship parade! 

Ok more pictures later - off to more fun!! 

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