Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final round of vacation pics...

Here is the last round of pics from our fun family vacation. 

Here is another shot of the falls

The boys didn't like the noise of the falls too much, hence the not too happy look on their faces

Here is a pic of the boat that we would ride later in the week...

The boys REALLY liked their dessert!! 

We had a really fun time at Marineland - a Seaworld like theme park. 

It's a boy and I think he was happy to see me!! 

The boys tried as hard as they could to get "Bambi" to get up!!! 

The boys got to feed and pet the beluga whales

Whew that wore Rylee out!! 

Terry and I had a date that night for our anniversary - Happy 10 years!! 

While waiting for breakfast they played with creamer....

Getting ready to ride Maid of the Mist

The boys were not too happy about the ponchos! 

View from the boat

Another view of the falls.

Wore them out....

If you look close you can see a rainbow in the falls

View from the top of the tower

Time to leave the Falls - we did a couple of good-bye shots (per the boys request!!)

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