Sunday, January 16, 2011

Road trip (and a few other pics)!!!!

 The boys were getting Mickey's ready for bed by putting new diapers on them!!!

Playing with their new 'laptops'

Play-Doh fun!!!

We went on a road trip this weekend to Cincinnati - 1st stop was Jungle Jims and it said you HAD to take a picture in the restroom area so we of course had to follow suit - well at least Rylee & daddy did - Baylee wanted nothing to do with it (can't say that I blame him :-))

Of course we had to bring trains along for the room!!!

Rylee was anxious for Baylee to wake up so he thought he would camp out by his bed!!

2nd stop - EnterTRAINment - as you can imagine the boys LOVED it!!  I would recommend it to anyone that has a train lover in the family!!! 

The boys were being very patient as we waited for our tickets!!!

They were big helpers carrying their stools with them as they went so they could see better!!!

It just happened that we "matched" that day - Terry & Rylee had red on and Baylee and I had blue on!! 

3rd stop - Newport Aquarium

Back to the hotel - Trains of course!!!  We also went swimming but I didn't get any pictures of that....

Resting on the big bed!!

Of course we had to take the "famous" family shot!! 

There were not any "kid friendly" channels on the TV in the room but thankfully we had the computer with us so we were able to watch it online!!!

4th stop - Creation museum -

Baylee didn't want to watch one of the movies so we waited outside - he played on my phone while we waited!!!

Riding a dino!!!

We even braved the cold and went to the petting zoo!!!

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