Monday, October 4, 2010

Quick weekend trip!!!!

Daddy had a conference in French Lick last week and we decided to join him on Friday for a quick weekend trip.  Of course the boys had to start by riding the luggage cart!!!

We stayed at a hotel with an indoor water park so they had lots of fun with that!!!

Then we got some dinner...yummy!!

Then we went on a carriage ride around French Lick hotel

Of course even though it was a short trip we had to take our family going away picture!!!

Eating breakfast!!!

Then we went on a train trip!!! 

Overall the train was great but there was about 1/2 mile tunnel and it was DARK - the boys did pretty good but they were ready for the tunnel to be over...

 It was hard to get any good pictures of them because they were so facintated that they were actually on a train and there were trains around :-) 

We wrapped up the weekend by going to Build A Bear, or in our case Build a Pony & a Puppy!! 

I thought it was cute that he was "playing" with the chop stix - what I didn't capture on camera was about two seconds after I took this picture he actually picked up a piece of chicken with them and got it to his mouth!!!  IMPRESSIVE!!! 

Trying to "share" with his brother!!!

Then of course for breakfast on Sunday morning puppy (woof woof) and pony (neigh neigh) had to join us!!!

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