Thursday, December 31, 2009

Various pictures

Here are some fun pictures from this week....

Daddy took the week off this week to work on some projects - Rylee wanted to help!! 

Baylee thought it was too loud so he wanted to use mommy's ear plugs!!

The boys were looking at the ABC book Ms. Tracey gave them!! 

Then they wanted daddy to read it to them

Playing with some of their toys

Why would you just want to play with the train table when you could actually be in the train table?  Notice Baylee was smiling for the camera and Rylee was trying to get out as soon as he saw that I noticed...

Since my mom was sick for Christmas we got together with them last night - so the boys got to open MORE presents!!!

Ready to go sledding!!! 

They even opened mommy's present!!

Rylee wanted to help daddy he has his own tool bench!! 

They loved their art desks - of course they wanted to sit on top of them!!! 

Hanging out with grandma!! 

Whew it has been quite a week!!!

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