Friday, November 6, 2009

Playtime pictures

Here are some shots of the boys this week just playing and hanging out.  They are at such a fun and playful age they just crack me up!!! 

When just hanging out Rylee prefers laying on his belly propped up on his arms - it is just so cute!!

As I have posted before - baby proofing devices are lost on my children - they find them to be toys and not distractions!! 

So I just gave up and came up with this solution!!!

Having a sweet brotherly moment, too bad Baylee caught me taking the picture - they were just looking at each other and talking before he spotted me!!! 

Hopefully they don't learn too soon how to "flick" the towels - I HATE that - it hurts!!! 

Terry and I got new cell phones today - the boys are really happy about that because that means they can play with our old ones as much as they want!! 

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